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Automotive and Vehicle Technology

Biotechnology | Process Automation

Learn about the construction, operation, design, and manufacturing of modern vehicles. Evaluate current and future automotive propulsion technologies, advanced combustion systems, hybrid powertrains, and alternative fuel vehicles.   Use engineering fundamentals and state- of-the-art software to identify, formulate, analyze, and solve problems related to the machine components and assemblies used in the automotive industry.

Careers: Our graduates may work to develop new hybrid and green vehicle technologies, design power and control systems, engines, and bodies, perform complex analysis on mechanical components, assemblies, and systems, conduct crash tests and safety audits, or streamline production processes in manufacturing plants.

In addition to the courses listed in the curriculum shown below, this four-year program requires 3 mandatory 4-month co-op work terms.

Automotive and Vehicle Technology Curriculum


Fall (Sept - Dec)

Winter (Jan - Apr)

Summer (May-Aug)

Year 1

Level IA

Level IB


Year 2

Level IIA

Level IIB

Co-op Work Term 1

Year 3

Level IIIA

Co-op – Work Term 2

Co-op – Work Term 3

Year 4

Level IIIB

Level IVA


Year 5

Level IVB

*Co-op work-term possibilities for the summers in years 1 and 4 should be discussed with the ECCS office.

The GEN TECH requirements have been revised, please refer to your Advisement Report on MOSAIC for your degree requirements.

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Level IA
WHMIS 1A00      Introduction to Health and Safety
ENG TECH 1CH3 Chemistry
ENG TECH 1CP3 C++ Programming
ENG TECH 1MC3 Mathematics I
ENG TECH 1PH3 Physics
GEN TECH 1CS3 Communication Skills I
Level IB
ENG TECH 1EL3 Electricity and Electronics I
ENG TECH 1ME3 Statistics and Mechanics of Materials
ENG TECH 1MT3 Mathematics II
ENG TECH 1PR3 Object-Oriented Programming 
GEN TECH 1CZ3 Communication Skills II
Level IIA
AUTO TECH 2AE3 Design of Machine Elements
AUTO TECH 2CD3 Computer Aided Design
AUTO TECH 2MT3 Structure and Properties of Materials
ENG TECH 2ES3  Engineering Statistics
ENG TECH 2MA3 Mathematics III
GEN TECH 2PW3 Professional Workplace Practices 
Level IIB
AUTO TECH 2TS3 Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
ENG TECH 2MS3 Modelling and Numerical Solutions
ENG TECH 2MT3 Mathematics IV
GEN TECH 2EE3 Engineering Economics
GEN TECH 2MP3 Management Principles
Level IIIA
AUTO TECH 3AE3 Automotive Engineering Technology
AUTO TECH 3CT3 Control Theory
AUTO TECH 3TS3 Fluid Mechanics
ENG TECH 3FE3 Finite Element Analysis
GEN TECH 3FF3 Financial Systems
GEN TECH 3MT3 Project Management
Level IIIB
AUTO TECH 3AV3 Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
AUTO TECH 3MP3 Manufacturing Processes and Systems
AUTO TECH 3MV3 Mechatronics for Vehicle Technology
AUTO TECH 3VD3 Mechanical Vibrations
GEN TECH 3LS3 Quality Control and Assurance Methods
GEN TECH 3ET3 Entrepreneurial Thinking and Innovation
Level IVA
AUTO TECH 4AE3 Internal Combustion Engines
AUTO TECH 4EC3  Electrical and Electronics Control Systems
AUTO TECH 4MS3 Kinematics and Dynamic Modelling and Simulation
AUTO TECH 4TR1 Capstone Design I (continues through Level 4B)
GEN TECH 4TS3 Technology and Society
GEN TECH 4OM3 Operations Management
Level IVB
AUTO TECH 4AT3 Conceptual Design of Electric and Hybrid Vechicles
AUTO TECH 4CI3 Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing
AUTO TECH 4DV3  Vehicle Dynamics
AUTO TECH 4TR3 Capstone Design II (continues from Level 4A)
GEN TECH 4FT3 Strategic Management
GEN TECH 4TE3 Technology Ethics and Sustainability